Why Music Is So Much Better Live

The live concert experience is like nothing else because you know that everyone at the event is there for the same reason and that is because they are a fan. The shared group happening is a way to connect with other people that have similar interests. There is a palpable vibe with people gripping their music tickets, waiting to gain entry into the facility before the show even begins. Once inside, there is the opportunity to purchase memorabilia like t-shirts, buttons and hats, as well as glossy, full-color souvenir programs, to forever commemorate the occasion.

Once past the lobby, the usher looks at your concert tickets to see exactly where you are sitting and guides you in the right direction. With the lights still bright, you can see the stage that has been prepared ahead of time or may even still be in the process of being set up for the show, replete with microphones, musical instruments, speakers, video screens and lights. Music to set the mood for the show booms overhead.

When the lights go down, everyone knows that it is time for the show to begin. When the band or performers come on stage, the crowd goes crazy with people clapping, screaming and cheering. Everyone who purchased music tickets to the show finally gets to see, in person, the people that they have, up to this point, only seen in pictures or videos. Once they strike that first familiar cord, you forget about everything else and focus on the concert.
By seeing music performed live, you often get to hear songs that you have listened to repeatedly now played in a slightly new way. Because it is a live show, the band will sometimes tweak the songs a bit differently than the way they laid out the tracks in the recording studio. Not to mention, the acoustics of the facility will also affect the sound. During a live music show, the band may also extend certain musical portions of a song so that the guitarist can showcase their playing ability or so the drummer can have a solo, while the rest of the band takes a quick break. As if that is not enough, the band members will also speak directly to the audience. Because there are so many reasons why it’s better to see music performed live, the best way to appreciate the experience for yourself is to pick up some concert tickets, grab a few friends and head to the scene.