Martin Shkreli is Selling $2M Wu-Tang Clan Album on eBay

Nearly two years after being revealed as the buyer of the $2 million, one-off Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, Martin Shkreli has decided to sell it.

The infamous “Pharma Bro” listed the insanely rare album on eBay under the username, “martishkrel_7”. Why?

Shkreli said he’s decided to auction off the Wu album, due to the “scorn” he’s received from Wu-Tang’s “(least-intelligent) members” and the general public. When and if it sells, he says he plans to donate half of the sale’s proceeds to “medical research.”

As of press time, the current bid was at over $1 million. If you are interested, you can place a bid on eBay here.