Big Will Releases Four Album Bundle Collection

Asian rapper and vocalist Big Will has been making substantial impact this season on the Big Willin’ album as well as two singles on the air. Along with the release, his label Rude Boy Family has put out a special discounted four album bundle of all his previous albums, including the latest Big Willin’.

The collection includes

Man In The Mirror – Released 2010 (Album)
Cry Now Laugh Later – Released 2013 (Album)
H.E.A.T. – 2015 Released 2015 (E.P. Album)
Big Willin’ – Released 2016 (Album)

The set can be purchased here at a discounted price from his online store for digital download, as well as iTunes and all major digital distributors. You can also get each album individually.

Big Will is also in talks with the label to release a greatest hits album within the U.S. and U.K. markets this winter.