Battle Rap Tips For The Average Freestyle Master

As you work on creating your own freestyle rap lyrics, you should think about what type of content you’ll use in your lyrics. There is a lot of content that you can draw from so in this article, we are going to have a look what type of content you could consider including in your songs.

Tip # 1 – Make use of the sense of sight

When you write your content, one of the best things you can do is by using your senses. Let’s start with your sight. Write about what you see. Take a chair and take a seat outside. Try to write about the trees blowing, the birds flying or even the bugs that you see moving and flying. Look at the wonder of the flowers. Write about people that you see. Write about the outfits that somebody is wearing. Write about the sun shining, or the raindrops falling into the puddle. Write about the cars that are passing on the street. Write about the moon and the stars in the sky. These are all things that you can write about.

Tip # 2 – Use the sense of hearing

Use your sense of hearing and write about what you hear. Compose about the sounds of the bird chirping. Write about the dogs barking. Compose about the sirens that you hear. Write about the buzz of people talking and children laughing and playing. Compose about the songs that you hear. Compose about the planes flying or even the helicopters landing and taking off from the local hospital. Write about the TV blaring in the front of the house.

Tip #3 – Use the sense of smell

Another sense that’s great to use when writing your freestyle rap lyrics is the sense of smell. I remember when i was a teenager walking home from school and smelling different aromas of dinner being cooked as I walked by the different home. Write about the scent of bread baking in the oven. Compose about the smells of being in the country. Compose about the scents of the flowers and the smells of the different animals in the pastures.

Tip #4 – Use the sense of touch

There is another sense which i want to use and that is the sense of touch. Since I enjoy music, I pay a lot of attention to the touch of the piano keys as I click them down. You could write about the feel of the grass as you walk through it with bare feet. You can write about the touch of someone’s skin as your fingers glide across their hand.

This gives you a lot of content to write about as you are writing your freestyle rap lyrics. These are just 4 tips that could get your brain cells flowing. Think about these ideas next time that you get caught in a rut.