Asian Rapper Big Will Creates Awesome Phil Collins Remix

Big Will has been making some headlines recently with his new album ‘Big Willin’ and it’s official release last month. The Asian American hip-hop artist has already released two singles from the new record along with a remix of the classic Phil Collins / Genesis song ‘In Too Dope’ from 1986.

Big Will’s version of the song is called ‘Remember When,’ a soft toned melodic record that is mainly based over hip-hop and drum, but definitely captures the touch of the melody.

This is the first time the classic record from the band has been remixed into a hip-hop version.

“I am a huge Phil Collins fan. I love his production and I think he is truly one of the great musicians who actually made GOOD MUSIC, which is something I highly look up to.” – Big Will.

Big Will’s latest album is also available directly at and can be downloaded or purchased world wide.

The release is set for iTunes and digital distribution late July.

Check out Big Will’s song ‘Remember When.’

The original recording and music video from Genesis is below: